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  1. Japan and Australia will handle heavy airframe maintenance for the northern and southern Pacific regions for the F-35. Lockheed Martin

    Japan, Australia Selected for Pacific F-35 Sustainment

    The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program has selected Japan and Australia to provide heavy airframe and engine maintenance in the Pacific, the Joint Program Office announced Wednesday.

    • Dec. 17, 2014
  2. Eye in Sky: Italian Air Force Reapers will be used to monitor crowds in Italian cities. IMPERI Roberto/ / Italian Air Force

    Italian Reaper Drones To Be Used for Crowd Monitoring

    As their deployment to Afghanistan comes to an end, unarmed Italian Reaper UAVs are to be used to monitor soccer games and demonstrations in Italy's cities, following a deal struck between the Italian Air Force and the country's police forces.

    • Dec. 17, 2014
  3. An Israeli Defense Ministry official on Wednesday characterized a test conducted the previous day of the new Arrow-3 as a 'no test,' given that 'conditions did not allow for' actual launch of the intercepting missile. Boeing

    'No Test' Declared for Arrow-3 Interceptor

    An Israeli Defense Ministry official on Wednesday characterized a test conducted the previous day of the new Arrow-3 as a 'no test,' given that 'conditions did not allow for' actual launch of the intercepting missile.

    • Dec. 17, 2014
  4. A handout photo released on Dec. 11 by the Dutch Defence ministry shows one of the two Russian SU-34 'Fullback' bombers being intercepted by Dutch F-16's over the Baltic Sea on Dec. 8. The two bombers were flying in international airspace in the direction of the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, wedged between Poland and the Baltic states. AFP

    Russia Blames Hash For Sweden's Report Of Fighter Near-Miss

    Russia's ambassador to Denmark on Wednesday made light of Swedish concerns over a Russian military jet's alleged near-miss with a passenger plane, suggesting Swedish authorities may have smoked too much cannabis.

    • Dec. 17, 2014
  5. Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, speaks with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Dec. 11. FINDLAY KEMBER/AFP/Getty Images

    India, Russia Take Small Steps on Fighter Deal

    India and Russia have agreed to settle their differences over the Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA) program, which the countries are co-producing.

    • Dec. 16, 2014
  6. A handout photo released on Dec. 11 by the Dutch Defence ministry shows one of the two Russian SU-34 'Fullback' bombers being intercepted by Dutch F-16's over the Baltic Sea on Dec. 8. AFP

    Sweden and Denmark Summon Russian Ambassadors Over Air Incident

    Sweden and Denmark summoned Russia's ambassadors Monday in protest over a near miss between a Russian surveillance plane and a commercial aircraft, a further sign of rising military tensions in the Baltic.

    • Dec. 15, 2014
  7. A security guard stands next to models of Chinese rockets on display at the 64th International Astronautical Congress in Beijing on Sept. 24. The US and China have agreed to communicate directly on space safety issues. Mark Ralston / Getty Images

    China-US Space Relations See Small but Important Step

    China has taken a small, but potentially meaningful, step toward more normalized relations with the international space community, a top US general announced this month.

    • Dec. 14, 2014
  8. Poland will acquire joint air-to-surface standoff missiles for its F-16 fleet. Lockheed Martin

    JASSMs To Equip Polish F-16s

    Poland's Ministry of Defense has signed a deal with Lockheed Martin to acquire AGM-158 joint air-to-surface standoff missiles (JASSMs) for its fleet of 48 F-16 fighter jets. The contract is worth about US $250 million, the ministry said in a statement.

    • Dec. 11, 2014
  9. A column of Russia's Topol intercontinental ballistic missile launchers rolls through Red Square in 2013 in Moscow during the Victory Day parade. Yuri Kadobnov / Getty Images

    US Readying Military, Economic Options to Russian Missile Treaty Violation

    Pentagon and State Department officials are reviewing what military and economic options they can employ if Russia continues development of a cruise missile it has tested in violation of a cornerstone nuclear weapons treaty between Washington and Moscow,

    • Dec. 11, 2014
  10. An Iron Dome battery, a short-range missile defence system, on July 3 in Ashod, Israel. Jack Guez / AFP

    House Bill Would Add Funds to Several Israeli Missile Programs

    The defense appropriations bill agreed to by lawmakers this week calls for US funding for Israel's Iron Dome missile defense system to double, bringing Washington's investment in the program to over $1.2 billion since 2011.

    • Dec. 10, 2014
  11. A Russian Tu-95 Bear long rang bomber aircraft. Getty Images

    NATO Intercepts Russian Bombers Over Baltic Sea

    NATO warplanes intercepted a 'significant' force of six Russian nuclear-capable bombers over the Baltic Sea, the alliance said in the latest such encounter amid tensions with Moscow over Ukraine.

    • Dec. 9, 2014
  12. Analysts have said the design of the Chinese J-31 stealth fighter, here performing at the Airshow China 2014 in Zhuhai on Nov. 11, resembles the Lockheed Martin F-35. Johannes Eisele / Getty Images

    Industry Fears Massive Losses Through Espionage

    To see the impact of cyber attacks on US industry and its Pentagon customers, one need look no further than last month's Zhuhai Airshow, where China's military showed off its J-31 stealth fighter and JY-26 'Skywatch-U' 3-D long-range air surveillance rada

    • Dec. 8, 2014
  13. Turkish TAI Launches Center for Space Programs

    Turkey's national aerospace company Tusas Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) has said that its ambitious space center has been completed and will be ready for operations after an official ceremony, a company source said.

    • Dec. 8, 2014
  14. Airmen install a new engine on a KC-10 Extender. A congressional move to block KC-10 retirements could create problems for the KC-46 program, which draws on existing maintainers. US Air Force

    Congressional Block on Tanker Retirements Could Delay KC-46

    The KC-46A Pegasus tanker is one of the three major recapitalization priorities for the Air Force. But with Congress moving to block retirement of older tankers, the Pegasus could find itself short on maintainers as it attempts to come online.

    • Dec. 7, 2014
  15. More Ops: An MQ-8B Fire Scout is deployed aboard the littoral combat ship Fort Worth. By 2016, the LCS will be the only type of Navy ship regularly operating the unmanned helicopters. MC2 Antonio Turretto Ramos/ / US Navy

    Fire Scout Helo Deployments Intensify

    An entirely new level of activity is taking place right now with the US Navy's Fire Scout unmanned helicopter program for the first time, Fire Scout will be at sea on at least four ships at the same time and they'll be different kinds of ships, and bo

    • Dec. 6, 2014
  16. New Threat: Russian soldiers stand guard near an S-400 Triumf surface-to-air launch vehicle outside Moscow on Aug. 13. China has reportedly purchased the system from Russia. KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV/ / AFP/Getty Images

    China's Checkmate: S-400 Looms Large Over Taiwan

    Taiwan's F-16s face a growing threat from China's arsenal of surface-to-air missiles (SAMs). The latest and gravest is the Russian sale of 400-kilometer-range S-400 Triumf road-mobile SAM systems to China.

    • Dec. 6, 2014
  17. A United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket launches NASA's tracking and data relay satellite payload. The Russian RD-180 engine is a key component in the Atlas V launch vehicle. United Launch Alliance

    Hyten: Clear Message on RD-180 Replacement as SpaceX Certification Looms

    The US Air Force's point man on space acknowledged Friday what he called 'clear' direction from Congress to move away from the Russian-made RD-180 rocket engine, but warned there are many details to be worked out before a replacement is selected.

    • Dec. 5, 2014
  18. Among the aircraft Ghana plans to acquire is the Super Tucano. Embraer

    Ghana Announces Plans for Combat, Trainer, Transport Aircraft Buys

    Ghanaian President John Dramani Mahama says his government has set aside $300 million for the purchase of new combat, trainer and transport aircraft to support United Nations peacekeeping operations.

    • Dec. 4, 2014
  19. Airbus Helicopters' EC645 T2 completed its first flight as the German military customer watched. Airbus Helicopters

    Helo for German Special Forces Conducts First Flight

    In June of 2013, the German Army ordered from Airbus Helicopters 15 new multirole helicopters for its KSK Special Forces Command.

    • Dec. 4, 2014
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