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 Training and Simulation

  1. According to a study of neurophysiological factors that affect performance, in a team environment, performance is improved by more verbal interaction. US Army

    Study Reveals Mental Cues, Conditions That Affect Performance

    The story of the rock band that insisted on having all brown M&Ms candy removed from a snack they requested while on the road is not necessarily a story of demanding prima donnas.

    • Dec. 2, 2014
  2. Pilots practice touch-and-go maneuvers in a T-38 Talon during training at Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas. The winner of the T-X competition will replace the service's T-38 trainers with 350 new aircraft. Danny Webb / US Air Force

    Boeing Official: T-X Design Won't Be Unveiled Soon

    Boeing continues to develop a custom-designed solution for the US Air Force's T-X trainer replacement program with an eye on contract award in 2017 — but a company official indicated Monday that a preview of what that may look like is still a ways away.

    • Dec. 2, 2014
  3. Gen. Mark Milley says to keep pushing simulation technology even under tight budgets. I/ITSEC

    Milley: Keep Pushing Simulation Technology

    The top general at US Army Forces Command on Tuesday called on experts in training and simulation to push forward with innovations and training options even during a time of tight budgets, saying their technologies are essential as global threats evolve.

    • Dec. 2, 2014
  4. Lockheed has developed a deployable trainer/mission planner for F-35 pilots in the field. Lockheed Martin

    Lockheed Develops Portable F-35 Trainer

    The F-35 joint strike fighter is a highly advanced, stealthy fighter that requires significant amounts of training to master. If program officials have their way, it will also be used by US forces and international allies around the globe.

    • Dec. 1, 2014
  5. A Swedish Army Ranger battalion tested a 3D modeling concept during exercises in Arvidsjaur, south of Sweden's Arctic circle. Swedish Armed Forces

    Nordic Militaries Experiment With Modeling, Sharper Awareness

    HELSINKI —Interest is rapidly growing among Nordic militaries in developing technologies to improve situational awareness and model battlefield conditions, allowing command center staff to rapidly respond to an evolving operational environment.

    • Nov. 30, 2014
  6. CAE has upgraded 12 helicopter simulators with common database architecture at Germany's Army Aviation School. CAE

    Common Database Enhances Trainer Imagery, Flexibility

    The manufacturer of the four ground-based simulators Israel is buying for its M-346 jet trainers will run more smoothly thanks to software developed for the US Special Operations Command (SOCOM).

    • Nov. 30, 2014
  7. Israeli artillery fires from its position near the Gaza border. Bagira, a low-profile Israeli company, is carving a competitive spot for itself by providing artillery and joint fires training. Jack Guez / AFP

    Obscure Start-Up Grabs Ground Training Niche in Israel

    An obscure local start-up company is gaining competitive ground against Elbit Systems and other training and simulation giants as a leading provider of artillery and joint fires training for the Israeli Army.

    • Nov. 30, 2014
  8. Common View: CAE is upgrading the Canadian Air Force's simulators so the same imagery will be used in the service's C-130J, C-130H, CH-147 Chinook and CP-140 Aurora simulators, above, installed at Canadian Forces Base Greenwood in Nova Scotia. CAE

    Canada's Air Force Aims For 50% Sim Training For Transports, Helos

    Canada's Air Force intends to purchase a series of simulators for its transport aircraft and helicopter fleets as it moves to provide 50 percent of pilot flight training on such systems.

    • Nov. 30, 2014
  9. Israeli pilots soon will be training on a fleet of M-346 aircraft, dubbed the Lavi. Israel Air Force

    Israel Air Force Preps Cadets for M-346 Fleet

    Starting in January, Israel Air Force (IAF) cadets will take to the skies in new Lavi advanced trainers, the Alenia Aermacchi M-346 jets slated to replace A-4 Skyhawks by 2016 in Flying Tiger Squadron 102.

    • Nov. 30, 2014
  10. Gen. Robin Rand is Air Education and Training Command commander. Senior Airman John D. Partlow / US Air Force

    Interview: Gen. Robin Rand

    As budget challenges continue to plague the US Air Force, the service has focused on simulation as a way to keep its personnel up to speed and combat-ready at a lower cost. Gen.

    • Nov. 30, 2014
    The military services are developing an array of new recruiting tactics in an effort to keep up with the demand for cybersecurity experts in their ranks. US Navy

    As cyber force grows, manpower details emerge

    The military will need to expand its force of cyber warriors beyond plans for 6,200 personnel, and the individual services are hammering out the manpower-related details of precisely how to build that force from the ground up, according to a new Pentagon

    • Nov. 3, 2014
    A screengrab from ELITE, a video game program that tests the leadership skills of junior enlisted and officers. Army

    New Video Game Tests Junior Leaders' Skills

    The Army's newest interactive video game teaches young leaders — lieutenants, sergeants and staff sergeants — how to better counsel and interact with their soldiers.

    • Nov. 3, 2014
  11. Sources say the UAE is in serious talks about becoming an early customer of the Textron AirLand Scorpion jet. Darin LaCrone / Textron AirLand

    UAE Negotiating Possible Scorpion Purchase

    The United Arab Emirates is in discussions with Textron AirLand about becoming an early customer for Textron's new Scorpion jet, according to sources.

    • Nov. 2, 2014
  12. Eyes on Space: A model of the Entry and Descend Module of the planned ExoMars probe for Mars, which will feature a radar flight tested with the support of the Italian Air Force. Thales Alenia Space

    Italian Air Force Experimental Unit Turns to Space

    After building up its in-house design capability, the Italian Air Force's Experimental Flight Unit has set itself a new target — space — with a focus on satellites and sub-orbital flights.

    • Oct. 28, 2014
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